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(You can get it now, in January 2018)
Fresh tools, new video tutorials!

>EXEL@B VIDEO COURSE 2017 cover Video Course onto DVD - a great addition to the site, which you can hold in your hands. The new release of eXeL@B DVD series introduced a fundamental innovation this year. Amount of video tutorials has become 4 times bigger (onto 4 DVD-discs - 16Gb). In the DVD content you will find four times more video tutorials, reading information (articles and books) and of course the classic for eXeL@B DVD set of fresh tools for crackers, reversers and software programmers.

All video tutorials are have voice audio track. Particular attention was paid to the sound was loud and without noise in the each video. By the way, eXeL@B DVD drives themselves have a rich history: since 2008 produced roughly a release per year.

Content of EXEL@B VIDEO COURSE 2017

In the 55 video tutorials the author of eXeL@B site consistently shows process of becoming a cracker from a normal user. I want to stress that the main emphasis is on the fact to convey to the listener the experience of the video and the secrets of the approach, accumulated over 11 years of crackers career. In addition, I tried to encourage in each lesson video course in the listener confidence in the fact that to become a programmer and cracker quite easily.

Also more than 250 new video lessons of other authors reveal the secrets of programming languages, such as:
  • The assembler, machine code (50 lessons)
  • Java for Android Gadgets (35 lessons)
  • Objective-C for Apple iPhone and MacBook (40+ classes)
  • Python for Windows and Unix systems (50+ classes)
  • Access to information: SQL and database noSQL (10+ classes)
  • JavaScript and CSS 3 technology to develop websites (30+ classes).
Also in the course includes mass of fresh articles and books of the same subjects as in the video tutorials that will help you learn the material more deeply.

The course contents a collection of tools: More than 800 updated tools for the programmer and cracker.

If you are not yet a cracker, then this video will help you avoid being distracted from the main purpose to go forward: learn the basics of programming, then learn the details of the computer, and finally settle into cracking process - for a beginner this is the fastest way to become a cracker.

If you are already familiar with the basics of programming and cracking, then this video eXeL@B may be even more useful to you: you will be able to "hear" professional subtleties that are imperceptible for beginners.

Take a look at detailed contents of the four DVD discs - is an online copy of the course shell, where each file has a description that seriously It will help you in studying the material.
eXeL@B DVD Shell eXeL@B DVD Shell 2 eXeL@B DVD Shell 3

Total on a 4xDVD-disks is 16Gb of great stuff. You can buy a course and will be satisfied, because it is a specialized course in which all at the highest level - I worked on it as hard and diligently as on this site and satisfied with my work!

How to get the course

Discount apply to celebrate the release of a new version of the course. Just before 22 january 2018

Buy access to download from our cloud storage.
Price with discount: $34.95 (US Dollars) (instead of $45).


You can pay via Paypal, Bitcoin.

By investing money in training today, you are making an investment in your future! You become more educated specialist and this knowledges will be bring the money to you every day!

How to order

To order video course, just write me an email: cracklab_dvd@mail.ru , the letter must specify the payment method that you choose (Paypal or Bitcoin). Within 1-2 days I will answer to your letter. In a response letter you will get payment details. If you have any question just don't be shy to ask.

email: cracklab_dvd@mail.ru

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